About Carl

Carl Bio PicCarl Schlotman IV was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. Carl has done 6 internships in his collegiate career with world-class financial institutions such as: Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs. After gaining experience with his internships and accepting a full time offer with Wells Fargo upon graduation, he is looking to give back to younger students. Carl has written his first book: “Cash in Your Diploma.”

Carl has spoken at several universities around the country to share his strategies and tactics for getting the job you want, in the field of your choice, making the salary that you desire. The concepts laid out in “Cash in Your Diploma” have helped students attain positions with: Northwestern Mutual, Wells Fargo, Microsoft, The United States Government, Morgan Stanley, entrepreneurial startups, and many others. This book will guide you in getting the internship or job that you want.


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