5 Things that Every Student Athlete Should Emphasize to Stand Out from Other Candidates


Being an NCAA athlete is tough. The demanding practices, workout schedules, traveling to away events and managing a full academic course load, it is very challenging. With those challenges come great rewards in championships, wins over rival schools and acknowledgement from your classmates. But the rewards don’t just need to last while you are in college. NCAA athletes bring characteristics to the table that other students lack. Every athlete should be making an effort to communicate the following attributes in an interview to make them stand out from the pack.


6 Ways to Advance Your Career over Thanksgiving Break


While I always value the idea of being thankful for what you have, this post will not be synonymous with the plethora of posts this week on that very topic. I want to talk about how to take a few hours out of your Thanksgiving break to set yourself up for a great next semester and an even better summer. This break presents some unique opportunities to advance your career, and my goal is to give you a few ways to make that happen over Thanksgiving.


11 Key Takeaways From Jay Billas’s Commencement Speech (ESPN Announcer & Lawyer)

J1I had the privilege of hearing Jay Bilas speak for my Queens University of Charlotte Graduation Ceremony. He played collegiate basketball for Duke under Mike Krzyzewski, is a very successful lawyer for Moore Van Allen, and is most widely known for being a sportscaster on ESPN. Below are 7 Life Lessons that I found very powerful:

1. Never pass up an opportunity to follow or pursue your passion. Basketball is his first passion. When he was starting out as a young attorney, he was given the chance to announce games for $200 dollars a game. This was barely enough money to cover his travel and get something to eat, but it allowed him to make a career of his first passion. The decision to not pass on a “basketball opportunity” developed into a prolific career with ESPN.


6 Things to Take Off Your Resume Today

kaboompics.com_Blank paper with pen and coffee cup on wood tableIf it’s been a while since you’ve looked for a job, you may not have updated your resume in quite some time. Or maybe you’ve updated your resume but did so based on advice you heard long ago. Either way, your resume may contain items that can make you appear out of touch, unprofessional or just don’t add anything to why you should get the job.

Space on your resume is valuable real estate and should be reserved for important accomplishments. You don’t want anything distracting recruiters and hiring managers from your best qualities and qualifications.

With that in mind, consider these six things you should take off your resume right now.

“Responsible for…”

If you accomplished something, of course you were responsible for it. This phrasing is redundant and distracts from your accomplishment. “Responsible for designing supervisory curriculum” is less effective than “Designed supervisory curriculum,” says Melissa Cooley, founder of career consultation and resume-writing service The Job Quest. “The phrase ‘responsible for’ doesn’t show anything of value, and, upon seeing it, a hiring manager could mistakenly assume that the entire accomplishment is less important.”


How Do I Find Companies that Offer Internships?

The standard advice would be to Google “Best Internships in Design” or “Best Internship programs. That is what every motivated student across the country is doing. Why follow the crowd into intense competition and likely frustration?

I recommend using different strategies to mix it up. Here are just a few for you to try.

Try to leverage what you already have built. Chances are you don’t even realize all the people that you have come into contact with in your life already. Think about your friends parents, coaches of sports teams you played on, distant relatives, good family friends, or any other places in which you may know someone that currently does what you want to do. There is no need to recreate the wheel before attempting to leverage what you have already built.


5 Steroid Supplements to Your College Education

The job environment for Millennials is still challenging. 70% of students are graduating with student debt, and the average amount is $33,000. The college degree alone doesn’t get the job done. Students must supplement their education, so that they are able to cash in their diploma or the career they want.


Grant Cardone put 10x on my Book sales, leading to an Amazon Bestseller


I am a regular viewer of Cardone Zone and Young Hustlers, but I first came into contact with Grant when my Dad gave me his book for Christmas. My Dad said, “They won’t teach you this in business school: sales. No matter what you choose to go into you are selling in some way, and this guy has a lot of great lessons to share.” I finished The 10x Rule on that very day, and started following Grant throughout the rest of my college career. Here are three lessons that I have learned from him that helped me publish an Amazon Bestselling book at 21 years old.


Just 9 Lessons We Can Learn from the Men and Women in Uniform


memorial-day-hours-ofHappy Memorial Day! Below are just 9 of the infinite number of lessons that we can learn from our men and women in uniform.

1. Attention to detail is critical. Polish your shoes. Make sure your uniform or outfit is in accordance to how it should be worn. Having a good appearance paves the way to positive interaction with the people you come in contact with. It also re enforces that the little things matter. If you cant do the small tasks well, then how will you perform with bigger ones?