Cash in Your Diploma is the definitive guide to the needed rigor and discipline it takes to separate yourself from the pack, moving into an ever increasing competitive workforce. New graduates, those wanting to move into alternate fields, or even more experienced professionals looking for a career after a job loss, Carl instills what it takes in today’s market to out perform your competition.” Richard Wallace, Sr. Director – AlixPartners LLP

Richard Wallace

“Carl has provided a framework and created an essential guide for an aspiring intern. The strategies and practices he learned the hard, yet successful way is shared in this must read book for students. Cash in Your Diploma provides an easy, step-by-step process to help you win the job or internship you want.” David Norman, CMC, Executive Coach and Former Chair, CEO of Institute of Management Consultants USA.

David Norman

“If every young person had this same commitment to deliberate achievement, the pervasive negative image of Millennials wouldn’t exist.  From internships to building relationships to behavior on your internship – Carl provides a blueprint for standing out, opening doors and making a real name for yourself. Follow his advice, inject some individuality, and you’ve got a recipe for getting ahead.” T.J. Sullivan, CEO/ Founder of CAMPUSPEAK,College Speaker and Author of “Motivating the Middle”

TJ Sullivan

“I have used very similar goals setting strategies to those discussed in Cash in Your Diploma. Being one of five children in an economically challenged family, I was able to think differently from others. That has led me in building several successful companies from scratch.” – Fred Waite, CEO of Yodil and Very Successful Serial Entrepreneur

Fred Waite

Cash in Your Diploma has the ability to positively affect the lives of many young high school and college students. From the strategies to be a great intern to the power of thank you, this is a book students need to read.” – Dr. Brett Smith, Professor and Director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship at Miami University

Brett Smith

“The University of Cincinnati has a rich history of internships, going back to 1906.  In lieu of a formal campus program, with talent quickly becoming a commodity, Carl demonstrates the value of hard work and tenacity in order to pursue experiential learning on your own.” – Jim Tappel, Professor, Division of Professional Practice and Experiential Learning, University of Cincinnati.

Jim Tappel

“Carl is mature beyond his years. He has put together an impressive piece of work.  Well documented, detail oriented, and actionable. I wish it was available 20+ years ago when I was in college. In fact, I think there are some people in businesses today, and some well beyond their college years, that could use Carl’s recommendations as a good refresher for proper business attitude and etiquette.” Edward R. Doughty, Founder/Managing Director of Epic Capital Wealth Management

Edward Doughty



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