IOF 009: Meeting World Leaders as a College Student | Alejandra Guerrero on Interning IMF

Alejandra Final

In the business of understanding and working with people. Alejandra is pursuing a career in the Public Policy and Marketing industries. She is an international student (Class of 2016) from Managua, Nicaragua, majoring in Business Administration with concentrations in Marketing and Economics and a minor in Anthropology. Alejandra has experience coordinating large-scale events and has been interning for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the past year, where she has assisted a team of dedicated people in organizing the Spring Meetings. She also has experience drafting marketing campaigns and working with multiple social media platforms. She currently interns for Capitol Standard, an online magazine geared towards young professionals, and worked at PepsiCo in her home country of Nicaragua where she was able to apply some of her skills as part of a marketing team. Alejandra also acts as a Teaching Assistant for a Career Management Strategy class at the George Washington University School of Business. In her spare time she enjoys writing about herself in the third person and going on extreme adventures like skydiving, glacier hiking and sand-dune surfing.


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