IOF 006: Interning for World Class Think Tank | Cato Institute (Ted Ellis)

Ted Ellis Final Image

Ted Ellis is a rising star as an intern for one of the most prestigious think tanks in the world. As an intern at the Center for Educational Freedom at the Cato Institute, he fights to advance the cause of freedom and individual choice in education. Ted believes in people, and he works to ensure that Americans have the best education for our youth by empowering parents to choose that education directly.

A proud export of Tennessee, he brings classic American values as well as a youthful perspective and vigor to our nation’s capital. He is an spotlight graduate of Roanoke College, and has an impressive list of internships at the intersection of economics and politics.


IOF 005: Getting an Internship with a Best in Class Consumer Products Company (Phillip Kary)

Phil 3Phillip is a first generation college student at Western Michigan University. He has has an impressive list of internship experience including Jewel Osco, Spartan Nash and the Marketing Department and Western Michigan. Recently, he accepted an offer to intern with S.C. Johnson for the summer. S.C. Johnson has approximately $7.5 billion in sales with brands that include Shout, Windex, and Ziploc.


IOF 004: One of the Fastest Growing Tech Startups on the East Coast (Adam Ballhaussen- nCino)

Adam, Ncino Final Image

Adam Ballhaussen has an immense passion for branding, design, and all things marketing. With experience ranging from tech startups to realty associations and from ad agencies to fashion e-commerce stores, He has worked with companies big and small to create, establish, and communicate brands through research and targeted, meaningful, effective design. Adam is a current student at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Adam is currently interning for nCino, which was listed as one of Forbes most promising companies to watch in 2016.


IOF 003: Megan Spinelli: The Next Diane Sawyer Interning in Media and Journalism with ABC News

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Megan Spinelli is a recent graduate of Montclair State University, and she has an impressive resume of internship experiences all culminating in her most recent internship with ABC News. ABC News is one of the most competitive internships for media and journalism students, as several thousand students apply every year. It is rightfully competitive, as they do not treat you like an intern. As an intern at ABC News you get to live life as an actual reporter. Megan was live on the ground helping cover the San Bernadino shooting trying to report in the midst of all the chaos and breaking news.


IOF 002: Mitch Sayers: From Social Start-up Incubator to Big Money Management

Mitch Sayers Final 3 images

Mitchell Sayers won the McColl School of Business case competition as an incoming freshman. He previously interned for a social entrepreneurship startup incubator and most recently interned with Ameriprise Financial. Mitch talks about getting into finance from a smaller school, dealing with failure early on in your career development and how he separated himself from other great candidates.


IOF 001: Russell Simon – Intern All-Star with Internships at VaynerMedia and the NBA

Russell Simon final Image

Russell Simon is a current junior at USC and had the opportunity to be one of only a hand full of interns to intern with VaynerMedia. His internship included making an appearance on the #AskGaryVee Show, working with the NBA on content creation, and living life as an intern for the fastest growing digital advertising agency in New York City.


5 Things that Every Student Athlete Should Emphasize to Stand Out from Other Candidates


Being an NCAA athlete is tough. The demanding practices, workout schedules, traveling to away events and managing a full academic course load, it is very challenging. With those challenges come great rewards in championships, wins over rival schools and acknowledgement from your classmates. But the rewards don’t just need to last while you are in college. NCAA athletes bring characteristics to the table that other students lack. Every athlete should be making an effort to communicate the following attributes in an interview to make them stand out from the pack.


6 Ways to Advance Your Career over Thanksgiving Break


While I always value the idea of being thankful for what you have, this post will not be synonymous with the plethora of posts this week on that very topic. I want to talk about how to take a few hours out of your Thanksgiving break to set yourself up for a great next semester and an even better summer. This break presents some unique opportunities to advance your career, and my goal is to give you a few ways to make that happen over Thanksgiving.